Session Manager Reader

What is this?

It doesn't look like the Session Manager extension will be making the transition to Firefox Quantum.

So I made this page to allow Session Manager users to recover their tabs from their saved sessions. All the parsing is done in Javascript, and none of your session data will leave your computer. You can inspect the code yourself to confirm. It's pretty small and simple.

Session Manager stored your sessions in your Firefox profile folder. Here are instructions for locating your profile folder.

The sessions are in a "sessions" folder inside your profile folder, in files ending in ".session".

This has only been tested in Firefox (version 52), so I can't make any guarantees that it'll work in any other browser. But then, this is all for Firefox users anyway, isn't it?

But if this doesn't work for you, please let me know! You can email me at or just tweet @NickStoler.

Read your Session Manager sessions

Select a .session file

Download the list of windows and tabs