What this is

This is a tool I wrote to help me keep track of my productivity and breaks. I tell it when I'm working, when I'm on a break, and it keeps a tab of how much time I spent on each.

Then it can show a timeline of my recent history of work/play periods, and breaks them down in different ways. I find the feedback useful in keeping myself focused and productive. It's really helpful to be able to keep an eye on a statistic like my recent play/work ratio to motivate me to get back to work.

How to use it

First, select a mode under "Switch mode". Currently I have four modes. Any time I'm actually focused on the task is work, and any time spent reading news, watching videos, etc. is play. I put in "neutral" in order to have a sort of in-between mode. I use this for time where I'm not exactly relaxing, but it's not the task I sat down to do. Work email is an example. And "stopped" is for when I'm off the clock. In the future I might let users define their own modes.

The "Adjust" section is there for when you forget to switch modes when you start/stop working. You can correct the numbers a bit after the fact.

Your history is kept on the server and associated with your browser. It'll remain until you clear your cookies. There is a facility to associate multiple browsers with the same history, which lets me access it from my phone, tablet, etc. Sorry, though, it's not user-accessible (yet).



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